Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Goings on

I thought I should finally get around to another blog. I cannot believe how Siobhan has grown, this November coming she will be 18 months old.

I love it that I can now make Siobhan things and she is at the age where she can understand what toys I gave made her and get some joy out of them :)
Pinterest is amazing for toddler activities I'm finding and things for new mummy's like how to make playdough, just as fun fir us adults I think with picking colours, and even the idea of adding glitter to it! What girl doesn't get excited at the thought of glitter in her playdough :)

Pictured is also Siobhan playing on a new rug that mummy crocheted for her nursery with some scrummy new zpagetti that daddy picked for us.

Our neighbours ducks wander into our backyard which we really enjoy and feed them as their owners allow us to. Siobhan gets so excited to see them.

Enjoying the park down the road from us with daddy

Siobhan pictured with our neighbours horse

Lastly pictured are my little gnomes made in very soft merino wool, Siobhan just loves them, I like to follow the waldorf tradition of no face on the gnome as it leaves it to the child's imagination, perhaps they can then picture a loved ones face

Happy blogging I will be back very soon with further craftiness and more miss Siobhan goings on

Kate & Miss Siobhan xxxx 💕💕❤️

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's been ages blogging....

It has been far too long between blogs for me, and my I've missed it too!
Siobhan is now 15 months this month, walking, talking and loving so many things, her daycare friends, playing outside, helping mummy with crochet!!
I've added a few photos of crochet hats I've made my sisters new baby Cosmo, such exciting times!!
I also wanted to share with Jennifer from plushpussycat that the Peter rabbit you sent out before Siobhan was born has always been her favourite toy and is pictured with her on her 1st birthday shoot! I had a Peter rabbit theme which I will post next time, thanks again Jen!
I'd like to dedicate my blog to a family member Eileen who loved blogging very much and Siobhans pics on here among all my crafty projects xxx

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Long time between blogs....

Yes I'm back blogging and it has been far too long!!

Being a new mum means I have been flat out, can't believe Siobhan is almost 9 months old tomorrow!!
I love being a mum especially now that Siobhan is more interactive and talks and crawls and tries to stand I am so looking forward to the days she can sit with me and craft! 😊 What a magnificent time that will be!
This summer has included so many picnics, walks, trips to the park and wildlife park! We have all spared a thought for the brushfire victims this summer, cannot even imagine that type of devastation 😢
One of my New Years resolutions of increasing my exercise post baby body has taken off with a real enjoyment walking with Siobhan, not only is it real "us" time but its great to get out and see so many things that you just cannot notice in the car. With a park just down the road from us how could you not take advantage of such a beautiful place.
So many things have taken place since my last post, a recent event being my birthday which included my first birthday as a mummy! What could be more special than that 😘 I had a real desire to make a Martha Stewart strawberry frosted cake using Siobhans baby food processing machine to stew the fresh strawberries and include them in the cake and frosting, couldn't get more delicious than that!!!
Be back with another post a lot sooner this time
Kate ❤

Sunday, November 18, 2012

it's beginning to feel a lot like x-mas.....

I can't believe the christmas season is upon us already, we decided to put our tree up early, lucky enough to find a great deal of decorations thrifted from the local oppie! what a saving! and good to recycle when we can! Lucky at the moment that Siobhan isn't quite old enough to crawl yet and get into the pressies.
What are you all planning to do in preparation for xmas? On the agenda this week is homemade fudge to get loved ones in the xmas spirit. Have almost completed xmas shopping and have sat and done all our xmas cards last night :)

Miss Siobhan in front of our Xmas Tree! daddy bought her the little pink fold out couch.

We have been enjoying the sunshine and took the chance to take Siobhan to the local Burnie Park, we hadnt' been there for a while and were impressed with the upkeep of it. The grounds are so beautiful and it was nice to see people of all ages enjoying it. Siobhan slept through it so we will be back again soon to watch the look onher face when we show her the ducks.

Local Burnie Park.

                              My next blog will be a xmas focus on homemade xmas cooking :)
                                             Happy Xmas preparations
                                                kate and siobhan xxx

Thursday, October 25, 2012

food for thought...

 YES Siobhan is now eating solids!!!!! the basic, for now like stewed apple, custard, banana, farex. I just love watching her discover food and how happy she becomes when it touches her mouth sometimes shrieking with joy!! cant wait to soon move onto vegetables for her and steam them and mash them creating the perfect texture for her. soon we will have homegrown apples to be able to stew up.

Spring sure is a time to notice the the blooming flowers and all their beauty. These fresh flowers from my in-laws are a constant reminder of spring and I admire them each time I walk past them.
 The vase happens to be one I thrifted last week with Tom's mum, dont think you can ever have enough vases!

Another thrifty find was this mini typewriter that took my fancy, it also happens to be a pencil sharpener! I would never have guessed that it had another use and didn't discover this until I got it home and had a closer look!

The three of us just before we headed off to my sister in-laws cocktail birthday party we really enjoyed the night and Siobhan was so good sleeping for a lot of it, she was of course the star of the night with lots of cuddles with everyone!

Here Siobhan and I are enjoying the Wynyard Tulips when they were in full bloom, what an amazing job the producers of these do. The photo doesn't do the col ours justice as they were so bright and breathtaking in real life. We could have stared at them for hours, but the cold wind that day did put a stop to that, we jumped back in the car after an admiration! We were very excited for Siobhan as it was her first Tulip sighting and we wondered what must it have looked like to her :)

                  we hope you enjoyed the little blog entry for today! Thought I would leave you with a pic of Siobhan and the tulips! She is now 5 months old today :) today i stood and baked a bananarama cake topped with cream cheese frosting and  sliced walnuts! I will call it Siobhans 5 month celebration cake, why not!!!

                          Till next blog
                               Kate xxxx

Monday, October 8, 2012

my favourite CWA cookbook

At a recent Don Market I came across the CWA cookbook that i had been after for ages!! and the lady who was also selling it said that it happened to be cheaper there too! I havent had a chance to cook out of it yet but Tom has and he made the souffles! they were tasty!
I cannot wait to cook so many more recipes from here!

   here is a Chocolate and coconut cake I made, it happens to be everyones favourite at the moment!
            These basic dough biscuits are another recent favourite too, couldn't make them so perfectly without the help of the breville mix master!!

   I am busy making granny squares lately , I got this pattern off the meet me at mikes website and it is the neatest pattern I have come across, pip also shows us how to join the little granny squares so i will be using her version for this too!

    and speaking of all things crafty, nanna Jude made this for Siobhan, how sweet is the book she made up from panels, it is so soft for a baby too, how clever!

and Nanna Jude also made this beautiful Peter Rabbit Quilt which is also made with minky material so it is extremely soft for Siobhan.

                                  Till next blog
                          Kate and siobhan xxx

Sunday, September 23, 2012

family time....

I have been cooking a lot lately, have to admit that since the movie "Julie and julia" I have had the urge to cook and try so many different recipes, the latest being the scrummy banana bread! next I think it will be raspberry ripple cheesecake! and gingerbread I will share these when I've made them!

                 Pictured above is a buffet that my granny gave me that she has had many years, I love it and asked her that when she was finished with it could I have it! I love the glass and how I can display my special china in it off my grandma on my mums side of the family ( will have to ask mum if I can have my royal doulton bunnykins bowl to display for Siobhna!)

                      The buffet after!! my favourite photo sits on top! pictured in is the "Royal Albert" special china of my grandmothers that she always cherished and had a massive collection of that mum now has

            Siobhan is now holding and reaching for things!! so I thought I would share her here holding her training handles that tommy bought her!

                   here are my two favourite people!! love them to bits!

                                                       Till next blog folks!