Monday, October 8, 2012

my favourite CWA cookbook

At a recent Don Market I came across the CWA cookbook that i had been after for ages!! and the lady who was also selling it said that it happened to be cheaper there too! I havent had a chance to cook out of it yet but Tom has and he made the souffles! they were tasty!
I cannot wait to cook so many more recipes from here!

   here is a Chocolate and coconut cake I made, it happens to be everyones favourite at the moment!
            These basic dough biscuits are another recent favourite too, couldn't make them so perfectly without the help of the breville mix master!!

   I am busy making granny squares lately , I got this pattern off the meet me at mikes website and it is the neatest pattern I have come across, pip also shows us how to join the little granny squares so i will be using her version for this too!

    and speaking of all things crafty, nanna Jude made this for Siobhan, how sweet is the book she made up from panels, it is so soft for a baby too, how clever!

and Nanna Jude also made this beautiful Peter Rabbit Quilt which is also made with minky material so it is extremely soft for Siobhan.

                                  Till next blog
                          Kate and siobhan xxx


  1. wow you are so busy kate, the choc cake was delicious and the bikkies too, I love it when you visit with cooking! Gorgeous Siobhan looks adorable with the book. Glad you liked the litle blanket. xx

  2. Ooh, yummy!
    The squares look great and how lucky is Siobhan to have a clever Nanna :)

  3. Gorgeous!!
    That s a great cookbook. Your Grandma loved it too.