Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's been ages blogging....

It has been far too long between blogs for me, and my I've missed it too!
Siobhan is now 15 months this month, walking, talking and loving so many things, her daycare friends, playing outside, helping mummy with crochet!!
I've added a few photos of crochet hats I've made my sisters new baby Cosmo, such exciting times!!
I also wanted to share with Jennifer from plushpussycat that the Peter rabbit you sent out before Siobhan was born has always been her favourite toy and is pictured with her on her 1st birthday shoot! I had a Peter rabbit theme which I will post next time, thanks again Jen!
I'd like to dedicate my blog to a family member Eileen who loved blogging very much and Siobhans pics on here among all my crafty projects xxx

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  1. Welcome back to blogging, now to get myself going again too, God bless Eileen, we will miss her x