Saturday, February 23, 2013

Long time between blogs....

Yes I'm back blogging and it has been far too long!!

Being a new mum means I have been flat out, can't believe Siobhan is almost 9 months old tomorrow!!
I love being a mum especially now that Siobhan is more interactive and talks and crawls and tries to stand I am so looking forward to the days she can sit with me and craft! 😊 What a magnificent time that will be!
This summer has included so many picnics, walks, trips to the park and wildlife park! We have all spared a thought for the brushfire victims this summer, cannot even imagine that type of devastation 😢
One of my New Years resolutions of increasing my exercise post baby body has taken off with a real enjoyment walking with Siobhan, not only is it real "us" time but its great to get out and see so many things that you just cannot notice in the car. With a park just down the road from us how could you not take advantage of such a beautiful place.
So many things have taken place since my last post, a recent event being my birthday which included my first birthday as a mummy! What could be more special than that 😘 I had a real desire to make a Martha Stewart strawberry frosted cake using Siobhans baby food processing machine to stew the fresh strawberries and include them in the cake and frosting, couldn't get more delicious than that!!!
Be back with another post a lot sooner this time
Kate ❤

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  1. Great to hear from you, Kate! Your little girl is so sweet and growing up so fast! I'm glad you'll be blogging more--I've missed you. :-) xo Jennifer