Sunday, November 18, 2012

it's beginning to feel a lot like x-mas.....

I can't believe the christmas season is upon us already, we decided to put our tree up early, lucky enough to find a great deal of decorations thrifted from the local oppie! what a saving! and good to recycle when we can! Lucky at the moment that Siobhan isn't quite old enough to crawl yet and get into the pressies.
What are you all planning to do in preparation for xmas? On the agenda this week is homemade fudge to get loved ones in the xmas spirit. Have almost completed xmas shopping and have sat and done all our xmas cards last night :)

Miss Siobhan in front of our Xmas Tree! daddy bought her the little pink fold out couch.

We have been enjoying the sunshine and took the chance to take Siobhan to the local Burnie Park, we hadnt' been there for a while and were impressed with the upkeep of it. The grounds are so beautiful and it was nice to see people of all ages enjoying it. Siobhan slept through it so we will be back again soon to watch the look onher face when we show her the ducks.

Local Burnie Park.

                              My next blog will be a xmas focus on homemade xmas cooking :)
                                             Happy Xmas preparations
                                                kate and siobhan xxx


  1. Lovely blog kate and of course the most gorgeous baby ever!!

  2. You are soooo organised Kate! I was only thinking yesterday that it is all well and good to have a cupboard full of gifts but I should get wrapping so I don't get stuck with the "Christmas eve wrapping bonanza" again ;) Ella helped me make some cards a few days ago, we have another stack to do - I love that she is old enough to help with things like that. Siobhan's first christmas - exciting!! Well for you and her friends and family anyway haha xxx