Sunday, September 23, 2012

family time....

I have been cooking a lot lately, have to admit that since the movie "Julie and julia" I have had the urge to cook and try so many different recipes, the latest being the scrummy banana bread! next I think it will be raspberry ripple cheesecake! and gingerbread I will share these when I've made them!

                 Pictured above is a buffet that my granny gave me that she has had many years, I love it and asked her that when she was finished with it could I have it! I love the glass and how I can display my special china in it off my grandma on my mums side of the family ( will have to ask mum if I can have my royal doulton bunnykins bowl to display for Siobhna!)

                      The buffet after!! my favourite photo sits on top! pictured in is the "Royal Albert" special china of my grandmothers that she always cherished and had a massive collection of that mum now has

            Siobhan is now holding and reaching for things!! so I thought I would share her here holding her training handles that tommy bought her!

                   here are my two favourite people!! love them to bits!

                                                       Till next blog folks!


  1. Great blog kate. So much happening. Lovely cabinet to show off beautiful china. Hugs to gorgeous siobhan xxxxx

  2. Looking great Kate. Beautiful baby!!

  3. Your daughter is gorgeous, Kate! And that banana bread looks so yummy! xo Jennifer

  4. What a little cutie! I love that you have heirlooms from your grandmother. Found your blog through Vintage Cobwebs.