Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Goings on

I thought I should finally get around to another blog. I cannot believe how Siobhan has grown, this November coming she will be 18 months old.

I love it that I can now make Siobhan things and she is at the age where she can understand what toys I gave made her and get some joy out of them :)
Pinterest is amazing for toddler activities I'm finding and things for new mummy's like how to make playdough, just as fun fir us adults I think with picking colours, and even the idea of adding glitter to it! What girl doesn't get excited at the thought of glitter in her playdough :)

Pictured is also Siobhan playing on a new rug that mummy crocheted for her nursery with some scrummy new zpagetti that daddy picked for us.

Our neighbours ducks wander into our backyard which we really enjoy and feed them as their owners allow us to. Siobhan gets so excited to see them.

Enjoying the park down the road from us with daddy

Siobhan pictured with our neighbours horse

Lastly pictured are my little gnomes made in very soft merino wool, Siobhan just loves them, I like to follow the waldorf tradition of no face on the gnome as it leaves it to the child's imagination, perhaps they can then picture a loved ones face

Happy blogging I will be back very soon with further craftiness and more miss Siobhan goings on

Kate & Miss Siobhan xxxx 💕💕❤️


  1. Hi Kate, Great to hear from you! I'm so glad that you're blogging again. I love seeing your photos and hearing what's going on with you. Siobhan is growing so fast! Your little gnomes are darling. Can hardly wait to see your next post. xo Jennifer

  2. Gorgeous photos! Your daughter looks so happy and lively! X Jane