Saturday, September 1, 2012

Belle & Boo treat............

       I am very pleased with my belle & boo purchase, its such a lovley brand all the english belle & boo sweet things. It is a little mug that I treasure and sit to have a cuppa in, I christened it today!

                The mug has a sweet little girl on it (belle and boo is the rabbit) I just love it and using it makes me smile.

Tom and I sat down to watch this movie based on Julia Child's life, it was such a beautiful movie, I loved her personality so happy and she was so feminine, always wearing her beautiful pearls and lipstick, it was also nice to watch a movie that was so simple and her and her husband were so in love.

      The movie made me want to cook!!

     My other purchase this week which arrived was my Cath Kidston drawers!! they are divine and I am in love with them!!

                 here sits my gmas locket in the new drawers, it will always be beside my bed now, I had a special moment today when Siobhan touched and held onto the locket while I gave her a bottle.

                                                      Kate xxx


  1. How lovely Kate.
    I enjoyed that movie too, made me look into blogging!

  2. Lovely blog kate . Ooh that mixer is divine. Enjoy cuppas in your new mug. Xx

  3. I loved that movie, too, Kate! The feelings between Julia and her husband were palpable. I might have to watch it again soon! xo Jennifer