Wednesday, August 29, 2012

China doll....

                   Pictured above: China doll that belonged to my grandmother
  On Siobhans desk in her bedroom now sits a china doll that belonged to my granda, she had her many many years and it always sat on the same place on her bed, when my sister and I were young we used to play with it so often when we went to visit them on the weekends, we would often disappear together and play with the dollys putting them in and out of the bed covers so many times!

               Pictured above: Italian glass
  The sweet little perfume bottle here I found at a thrift store in Hobart when I was with my sister, it caught my eye in the window and I went in and grabbed it!!  Didn't realise till I got home that underneath it read "italian glass!" what a find, and very cute don't you think? :)

             Pictured above: wooden bax my dad made me and my stamp collection...
     Dad did a good job on this wooden box he made me, it has nwo found its way onto my desk shelf! my stamp colleciton is also growing as I am scrapbooking on Siobhan so much.

                Pictired above: vintage letter holder with crochet edging
   I keep all my letters/ card making supplies and envelopes here on this corner on my desk

           I am just loving stationery at the moment, I can't get enough of it!!   I find chickenfeed just so cheap the pink wire pen holder was from there .

                              Till next blog, I have a new pritner will come in handy for printing photos of Siobhan and crochet patterns!  when tom is off night shift he is going to set it up for me, I am impatient and want it set up now! but will have to wait.

                                         Kate xxx

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  1. Love the China doll, Kate, and your latest vintage finds! You have so much fun--good!!! xo Jennifer