Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our new home....

Pictured above:  our new rental home at last!!

At last I can show you a picture of our new home, we can pick up the keys next week and start moving things in finally. We are very pleased with it.
  • Features of our new home:
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Sunroom
  • Double garage (which will become a mancave with Tom planning to get into woodwork to build  his very own bar!)
  • Large Garden with many fruit trees ( we have also been told to help ourselves to the vacant block next door and the many fruit trees on it, as the owner has this vacant block also)
  • Art deco home with wonderful kitchen
Pictured above: the cat adjusting to winter!

Pictured above: a newly completed twine crochet basket full of baby hats, and my auntys spinning wheel which will be coming to our new home.

Pictured above: baby hospital bag all organised into large clip lock bags

Pictured above: all baby gear ready to be moved into its new home next Friday

Pictured above: my view on my daily walks to keep up the exercise for my gestational diabetes, have discovered that exercise plays an important role in managing blood sugar levels.

Till next post
Kate xx


  1. House looks great Kate!!
    I think you have lovely baby gear.

  2. Great house, Kate! Congratulations! You look adorable--one month to go--amazing! :-) Jennifer

  3. Hi Kate,

    Wishing you Tom and your baby girl much happiness in your new home.. It looks very nice, It will be all lovely and cosy and warm when you get all your stuff moved in. I bet you can't wait it's so exciting moving into a new place and deciding where to put everything, will be looking forward to see it when you have it all done. Lot's of love Eileen x x x

  4. What perfect timing :)
    Enjoy the move and take it easy.
    Your bump is looking great !