Saturday, May 5, 2012

Autumn walk amongst packing boxes....

Pictured above: rearranged leaves on a local walk....

I enjoy this time of the year for the walks in my local area and playing with the leaves! the scrunching of them beneath your feet is priceless, where there is still time to enjoy the sun without rain on some days!
  My choice of walk today was probably not for everyone, it was to the local old cemetary, which I find very interesting wandering amongst old graves as there is so much history in the Wivenhoe Cemetary.
Pictured above: me at 34 weeks pregnant!

Pictured above: the many boxes packed and awaiting moving.

Yesterday was an afternoon of packing many boxes, my area was the kitchen to get boxed up, I didn't realise how many dinner plates and bowls we owned!! I do love organising and couldn't wait to box up the special Johnson Brothers plates and old english plates in their own special box.


Pictured bove: Our capsicum plant finally gave us a red capsicum!!

Pictured above: this is what will become my craft/blogging desk at our new home.
 It is currently sitting at a friend's home who I'm buying it off and will be moved on Thursday!! It has a little bookshelf on the side of it where I'm planning to put all my Mollie Makes magazines!!! and special craft books to have quick access too!!

                                                 Till next post
                                               Kate xxx


  1. I'm so excited about your upcoming move, Kate! Can't wait to see your new crafting space! One month!!! :-) Jennifer

  2. Great desk Kate.
    Don't over do it re packing!!
    Your well being is so important.
    Aunty Chris

  3. Hi Kate. Thank you for sweet comment. I have just updated my award post and added you to it! Congratulations on receiving the versatile Blogger award. Love your blog! Love Katie x

  4. Good luck with your move ... I love autumn too

  5. Lol why is it that people renovate and move while pregnant? My husband pulled out our bath the day I went into labor...its always the way.
    I love autumn leaves too...winter on the other hand is just awful.

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