Friday, April 20, 2012

a few thrifty finds......

Above from left: (wooden abacus, beatrix potter books, spinning top toy)

Pictured above is a snippet of a few of my vintage toy collectables. I came across the spinning top toy yesterday in an op shop and I saw it sitting there and gave it a go to see if it still worked, it did in perfectly good order, I did leave it there but had to go back for it as it wouldn't leave my mind!! I have always admired these as children's toys and love the look and feel of vintage toys.

                          Pictured above: a close up of some vintage collectable beatrix potter books.
Here is a snippet of my collection of Beatrix Potter books that I came across at a friend's garage sale, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them in a lovely big pile together as Peter rabbit and friends are favourites of mine, of course I had to have them, some have the original stamps!!!
   These will go into the Nursery when it's all set up, I do plan to add to the collection, there are more than pictured here, I just wanted to show a few of the old original ones.

                     Pictured above: baby bunny rug with crochet edging
As promised the finished result of my crochet edged bunny blanket, I am very happy with how it turned out, at first I couldn't decide what style of edging to go for but in the end went with a shell edging which I think suits a baby blanket well. I used a "feathersoft" wool which is amazingly soft on the skin, perfect for a baby. I already have another one ready to start and can't wait to do variations in colours for the edging. Will probably have to do a few to put away for presents also I think.

                  Pictured above: my new tupperware container
I couldn't resist a picture of my latest op shop find, a practically brand new Tupperware container in perfect condition, it has sparked off a new love for tupperware, there were also matching cannisters which I think I will have to go back for!! I am now able to start collecting kitchenwares again as we will have so much more space for it all in our new home!

                                   Happy crafting and thrift finding wherever you are!


  1. Great finds Kate! I havent seen that blue Tupperware Colour before, it's really nice!
    Love your blanket edging, so pretty. X

  2. Great finds Kate. I love the toys and books.
    Your rug is gorgeous.
    I found a fab vintage shop in Invermay!!

  3. You found some gorgeous treasures! I haven't seen blue Tupperware before either - these canisters are usually in mustard, orange or green. Good job with the bunny rug - it sounds snuggly. :)

  4. Great finds! I'm so excited for you, Kate! I love the photo of your belly--things are looking good! :-) Jennifer

  5. Hey guys,
    Thankyou all for popping by, yeah I havn't seen the blue tupperware before either ladies!
    glad the baby rug with edging is a hit, thanks also for liking the bump pic Jen, I must update with an even bigger bump pic!
    The Invermay vintage shop sounds great Aunty Chris I'd love to come check it out!
    Kate :)