Saturday, April 14, 2012

tribute to the Titanic.........

Tribute to the Titanic

I thought it would be fitting to do a blog with a tribute to the Titanic as it was on Sunday april 14, 1912 that the Titanic sank.
   I found todays edition of The Weekend Australian had the most fascinating account of the Titanic and such interesting facts and real life accounts on board the ship.
  There seems to be so much more to learn about the Titanic the more you read on it, doing a little more research online I found a story of a man Father Frank Browne who was going to enter the religion profession, his uncle thought that before he do this he would send him on a grand tour of Europe and also bought him a camera to record his travels along with a first class ticket aboard the titanic. It was this camera that would make Frank famous as he would take it aboard the Titanic and record pics aboard, how he was able to preserve the photos (this is something that I wondered about as I pictured them destroyed by water) was the fact that Frank was onbly bought the ticket to go as far as Cobh. He did make friends with a wealthy American family who offered him a ticket aboard the rest of the titanic journey so Frank sent a telegraph to his uncle and the religious order he was training with to ask if he could go ahead on the rest of the journey and they said No, which of course saved him from the sinking and also preserved all his magnificent photos. I am going to research this a little more as it's so interesting and an amazing story.
    an exert from the site I found:
The Father Browne SJ Photographic Collection contains the most important collection of Titanic photographs taken during the liner’s voyage from Southampton to Cobh (Queenstown] in Ireland.
  Another liftout in the Weekend Australian was a spread on the "Last meal on the Titanic" this described 1st Class passengers as being able to dine in 'The Ritz Restaurant" or the First Class Dining Room, 2 courses were always served here.
   It was similar to the hotel dining rooms in London and Paris. 
 One first class passenger Lady Duff-Gordon said " I well remember the last meal on the titanic we had a big vase of beautiful daffodils on the table as fresh as if they had just been picked".
How cute is the knitted cat that my mum bought for baby girl from a local oppie, someone has done a good job knitting it! I think that the vintage knitted toys are the sweetest. I couldn't resist the baby record book either at a local newsagent on sale.

         Here is my latest project- Crochet edging on a baby blanket the materials you need are:
  •                        Cotton baby blanket/bunny rug
  •                        Baby wool
  •                        wool needle with a sharper point
  •                        Dinner plate

 Mum helped out with this part where you trace the corners from the dinnerplate to round the edges of the baby rug and then sew them to edge it, this makes it a little easier than square corners for crocheting around....

 Next I will blanket stitch around the whole blanket and then I will crochet into the blanket stitch and create a frilly edge which I think will add a nice touch, this will look cute in a pink bassinete in the Nursery!

I thought I would also treat myself to my favourite magazine today "Mollie Makes" it is the most beautiful magazine with such vintage style decorated rooms which is fitting for me at the moment. I can't wait to sit down and read this tonight.

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  1. Wow Kate that story on the Titanic is amazing, how lovely for us all to be able to share the story from the newspaper. I have enjoyed watching a few shows on tv this week on the Titanic. A sad but very impressive ship.

    Loving the baby updates xx

  2. Hi Kate, hope you are keeping well, thank you for the story about the Titanic, very interesting how Father Frank Browne was saved, God works in mysterious ways, the wealthy and the poor were all at the same level when it went down, how sad that any amount of riches can't save us.

    Loving all your posts about baby and all the lovely baby things you have for her arrival, keep well Kate, and continue to enjoy your crafts, after little one is here you won't have much time for any of that for while anyway.

    Lots of love Eileen x x x

  3. Lots going on in your world, Kate! I'm glad you're having so much fun! :-) Jennifer