Monday, April 2, 2012

a long due blog!

It's been a while betweeen blogs so I thought I better do an update.I have been very busy with my pregnancy and havn't had the time to blog in quite a while! Pictured above is a present off my aunty which I will be packing to take to hospital with me when I go in to have baby girl, I have a toiletry bag all ready as I have been told I will be induced at 39 weeks (around 10th June) due to a diagnosis of gestational diabetes.I have had so much to learn on diabetes, on insulin injections and finger pricking and glucose readings, and all about teh Low GI foods that need to be eaten, I will blog on some diabetic recipes soon and about low GI foods as I'm finding it very interesting.

Here are some bathtime goodies coming together for baby girl.....

I had  3D scan done in Hobart a few weeks back and we were lucky enough to be able to get such good pics of baby girl they were amazing photos, and we even got a 3d movie of her yawning and smiling and chewing! I love to light some candles at night around her photo to see her all lit up! I thought the willow "with love" statue off Tom was appropriate for her pic corner.

Isn't this Union Jack diary and matching pen the sweetest little present off my Aunty which she bought in England apparently around the corner from a Cath Kidston store!!!!!  when we caught up with her at the Raspberry Farm, we had been planning the catch up for some time as we had been too busy for a xmas catch up in ages!! It was so nice just sitting outside at the Farm and chatting for ages!


  1. It was so wonderful to catch up Kate.

  2. It's wonderful to hear from you again, Kate! My husband and I eat low-glycemic now too, and we feel so much more solid and grounded. It's very healthy, and the result is we both feel so much better. ;-) Jennifer