Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Baby gear accumulating....

I have been busy making more eco baby washers, and as a coincidence I came across some eco baby soap on special at the supermarket and thought what a better way to dsiplay my washers than with the eco soap tied to them.

I thought I would do a frilled edge to this washer to make it a little more girly...

Here is my practise nursery, loving gathering all the baby gear together...

Was exciting picking up a baby car seat! Still have a capsule to purchase, this car seat will be for my car and the capsule will be for Tom's car.

This little owl nappy holder is now filled with 50 newbron nappies!!!

Can't wait to update with more baby gear soon...


  1. Great to hear from you, Kate! Your eco baby washers are so beautiful! :-) Jennifer

  2. Everything is looking lovely Kate :)

  3. Looking good Kate.
    It's great fun isn't it.
    Love the car seat. Do you have a pram?

  4. Thanks guys! Hey Aunty Chris, yeah have a Steelcraft strieder pram that has a bassinette and a seat to change into for when baby girl is older!
    Kate xx

  5. Looking great Kate, you are really getting a beautiful collection together. xx