Friday, February 17, 2012

Choc cherry balls and a great Bday....

  When looking through the Frankie Sweet Treats cookbook I came across the recipe for Cherry Surprises, which are made up of coconut, condensed milk, cherries chopped, and red food colouring to give t them red inside
What's sweeter than cherries chopped on a vintage china plate..

Once the ingredients are mixed together into the fridge these balls rolled go to set, for at least 20 min's, I left them about 40min's to make sure they were set well

 Once out of teh fridge you melt the block of cadbury dark chocolate on the stove and then dip the cherry balls into teh chocolate and into the fridge they go again...

 then they turned out really well, so I placed them  in a tin
Here is the recipe:
2 cups dessicated coconut, 1/2 tin sweetened condensed milk, 200g glace cherries chopped (I only used 100g), 1 drop red food colouring.
These are mixed together in a large bowl, and then rollled into balls and placed in fridge for 20 mins minimum.

200g good quality dark chocolate, I used cadburys, 10g copha
Melt the choccy on stove in bowl over saucepan, and add the copha, stir, then diip the balls into melted choccy and copha and place back in fridge for minimum 20 mins. Serve with a cuppa!!

 Also it was my Birthday on Friday, had a lovely day , here are some flowers off my parents

Some presents off Tommy, a gorgeous Willow statue that means with love, and a mummy frame. We went out for a lovely meal at the restaurant up the road, and then came back for a brownie rich chocolate cake that Tom had made me!

  Till next Blog where I will be posting some baby beanies and mittens that I have been busy making lately.


  1. Those cherry bites look scrumptious. I love sweet things :) There are so many cute baby things to make. You must be having fun. I love your google + profile image.

  2. Sounds like you had all sorts of yummy things to eat on your birthday! :-D Lucky you! :-) Jennifer

  3. Hi Kate
    Happy birthday!
    We must catch up soon. The gifts are piling up.
    Hope your well and baby is too.

  4. Hi Aunty Chris,
    Yes we must catch up soon, going good am 24 weeks on Friday. Mum and dad will be loving New Zealand, I bet Rod Stewart was great in Melb!

  5. Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone! x