Monday, January 9, 2012

Organic Produce

I thought I would do a blog on what I have been up to with home grown produce. Tom and I have been growing capsicums, parsley, basil, lettuce, chives, and are adding some new plants.

      Last night Tom treated us to some homemade pesto with some walnuts crushed up and our homegrown basil in it.

               As well as on fresh bread he did up a beautiful chicken breast pasta pesto treat, it was simply gourmet!

                    The homemade pasta that was another gift we used in our dinner last nite!

We were very lucky to also receive a pie maker off Tom's sister, so we are putting to good use all our homegrown produce as pie fillers!!

                 We have been placing a big emphasis on homegrown these holidays and were lucky to receive so many homegrown gifts this xmas, the one above some herbs off our brother-in-law from Hobart, he has the most amazing garden with produce you could find!

                       If you havn't already entered then make sure you pop over to my good friend PlushPussycats's blog and enter her giveaway, don't miss out!!!!

                                           From this weeks theme of homegrown produce
                                                                           Kate :)


  1. We grow our own veggies and herbs too! They're so fresh and yummy and good for growing babies! ;-) Jennifer

  2. lovely blog, yum kate, I remember when we had a pie maker, wish we had of kept it, :)

  3. Hey jen, great to hear you also grow your own veggies and herbs too! :)

  4. Nothing like growing veggies and herbs Kate.
    Glad your having fun. Hope you are well.

  5. You can't beat home grown produce Kate, and the time together nurturing your garden is a nice added bonus! That pesto looks soooo tasty :)