Monday, January 16, 2012

Doing up our little home into a family nest...

This weekend involved Tom and I moving in some new furniture to our little home, a friend of my mums was having a garage sale, she has a 2 storey home so had plenty of furniture to sell as she is replacing a lot of her own. It was a great sale as she also had a rumpus room full of toys as she was a child carer, such good quality things, even baby O scored some new pieces at mates rates!!
    The kitchen dresser pictured above was what we were after to show all our beautiful pieces of china.

              Pictured above is my Carltonware Rouge Royale set that I bought from a local antique store a few years ago,this now has a new home on the kitchen dresser!

   A new corner in our home, new armchair to curl up in next to our new lamp and read country style magazine!!
                      A find for Baby O , a playgro playmat, with so many toys to stimulate hand/eye coordination.

This pic is for my blogger friend Jennifer from plushpussycat, can you spot the congratulations card you sent me Jen. Its also good to be able to now diplay some finds for baby O such as the childrens typewriter, toy phone, my frankie magazines, noddy books, beatrix potter books,a lot of the childrens books are extra special because they were mine  
                                 Till next Blog, and hopefully I have more pics of new pieces of furniture/ china items for our home! I am sure I will have fun looking for new pieces to make our home a nest for a little family!

                             Kate xxx


  1. I love that phrase "mates rates"! So cute! I see my little greeting card there, Kate! Thanks for the pic!

    Everyone is welcome to join my blog giveaway, which includes five of my greeting cards and a miniature surprise! Here's the link:

    Your home is looking so comfortable, Kate! Can't wait to see more finds! :-) Jennifer

  2. Looks like it is all coming together Kate, with lovely things to fill your home :) x

  3. Looks lovely and homey Kate :)