Saturday, January 7, 2012

the New Year

     I thought I'd start by saying I had a fantastic Xmas with my family, my parents and Tom and myself enjoyed the day with a lovely meal my mum cooked.

              My all time favourite pressie off Tom was this Elk bag named the "Lighthouse Tote" it is made from New Zealand sheepskin leather, the more I use the bag the softer it moulds to my body.

              How sweet is the Lighthouse stamped on the bag

                On the baby O front I now have a Steelcraft Strider 4 pram!!! yay!!! it comes with bassinette and chair to use when baby is older. A great pram, I picked it because of the old fashioned feel and look of the bassinette.

              Lastly I thought I'd share another pressie off my sister-in-law, it's a favourtie author of mine, you should check out the link here   The Crafty Minx

                                              Homemade goodies are always a xmas time treat

                                                   gingerbread always remind me of xmas

                  These freckles were from the Oatlands lolly shop, what is better than homemade freckles!
                      I'll be back with another blog soon, thought I'd make this one short and sweet :)


  1. The tote bag looks great. I love the little lighthouse too :) The pram looks perfect and thanks for the link to the book.

  2. Hey val,
    thanks for your comments, glad to be into the New Year and have more time for blogging now after the xmas rush! I must pop over and check out your blog

  3. That bag is gorgeous! Freckles yummo. How far along are you? You must be getting excited for bubs.

  4. Glad to see you're back to blogging! I missed your posts! The cookies look incredible! :-) Jennifer

  5. Love the pram and bag Kate!

  6. The pram looks gorgeous - it will be perfect for getting out with the baby. The cookies look so tasty too and what you call 'Freckles' look like what we call Jazzies over here, I love them! Happy New Year, hope it's the best year ever for you all! :) x

  7. Hey em at vintage sweetheart, thanks for your comment.
    I'm 17 weeks along fetus age now!! Very exciting indeed, and yup those freckles were delicious!!

  8. Hey jen at plushpussycat!
    Thanks for inspiring me to do another post! I'd gotten a little lazy and busy with the Xmas break and holidays!! I'll have to enter your giveaway!

  9. Hey jenevieve,
    thanks for stopping by my blog, yeah I'm pleased with the pram!
    Interesting to learn that you call jazzies what we call freckles! Either way they sure are yummy hey!!
    Stop by anytime
    Kate ;)

  10. Nanna Jude is loving that scan pic at the top xx