Monday, December 12, 2011

A mixture of Xmas and baby goodies...

It's been a little while since i have gotten around to doing another blog, the flu annoyed me for a few weeks!

    I thought I would start off with a lovely present all the way from America off a lovely fellow blogger friend, Jennifer Rydell from Plushpussycat sent baby O'malley the Peter Rabbit which she found on one of her vintage finds, he is an original peter rabbit and Tom and I are so grateful, thankyou so much Jen, it was such a lovely and most thoughtful thing of you to do that it brought a tear to my eye

    This is the beautiful congratulations card that Jen also sent to us, she makes them herself and does such a great job, we will treasure the card in baby O'Malleys baby book, thanks again Jen xx

    We love Peter Rabbit so much that he is starring in baby O'Malleys xmas stocking that my mum made!!

            I came across this baby carrier/ sling on an oppie find! the little doll in it is one of mum's for her daycare children!!
        My sister has bought me this baby bath-Fisher Price, I am very lucky and spoilt by my sister with all the pressies that my sister buys for us and baby Omalley! Tom and I want to make my sister godmother.
     Because Tom and I have a small unit we thought a tiny tree for the mantle would be perfect this Xmas!

             Mum made Tom and I this lovely Xmas bunting for the unit also....

              I was lucky again this week to open some xmas pressies early! my good friend Moira gave me this book! it really touched me as it's such a thoughtful gift to have thought of my pregnancy :)
                    Moira also bought me these beautiful teapot earrings for xmas, arnt they the sweetest!! I love them so much!

    I even managed to finish off an order for some crochet candle jar covers this week...

I want to wish everyone a very Merry Xmas

I thought I would leave you on an extra special note that we got to see Baby O'malley at 13 weeks last week!!

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year


  1. Nice work on the baby! I love the Peter Rabbit and the tea pot ear rings look great

  2. Hi Kate! I'm glad Peter Rabbit touched you so much. I hope baby O'malley loves to play with him too! He looks adorable in the Christmas stocking--I can tell he's going to have a good life at your house! Thanks, too, for featuring one of my greeting cards. You're the best! :-)

  3. Lovely blog Kate and Nanna Jude is very excited to be welcoming another addition to our family, roll on next June xx

  4. Lovely blog Kate. All very exciting.
    Hope your Christmas shopping is going well
    Are we doing a Raspberry farm catchup?

  5. Eek, look at your wee one growing fast! So excited to meet Baby O'Malley next year! How great that so many people cherish you and your friendship xx

  6. Hi Kate! I'm missing your posts! I hope everything is going well. I'm thinking of you. May the coming year be filled with innumerable blessings! :-) Jennifer