Thursday, January 26, 2012

first pink outfit off nanna....

Maybe you can guess, but for some reason I have pink on my mind!!!

                 The day Tom and I went to the sonographers and found out we are having a baby girl I got a cute text message off my mum (nanna Jude) that she had bought me this little outfit!

    Daddys birthday is on Monday, we are celebrating early with a lovely lunch tomorrow, and I will be baking a cake with the 33 (his age!) on it and our baby girl has to be included on Daddys special day, he already calls her his baby princess!!

                 Just a few pink outfits that I went out and bought with mum the day I found out!!!!
 I have chosen to share the sex of my baby on my blog because I have always found my blog friends to mean a lot to me, and I feel my blog as a safe and positive influence on my life, no longer a facebook fan my blog is my outlet that I enjoy each time I write :)
                                                   Till next blog,
                                   Kate with pink on her mind!!


  1. Don't those little baby outfits look cute. How exciting. I made a little coming home dress that both my girls wore and it is still in a box in my sewing room to remind me how little they were :)

  2. Congrats a little girl how exciting!! Oh there are so many cute choice for girls. xx

  3. Very exciting news Kate.
    The only way we found out baby's sex was at birth!!
    We used to have a few coloured things but mostly white.
    How things change. Must be lovely to think of baby names.

  4. Yes I must admit Nanna Jude is very excited. Shopping is such a delight too, roll on June. xx

  5. What great news! I'm so excited for you! She'll be as sweet and adorable as you, Kate! :-) Jennifer

  6. Hi Katey,

    A gorgeous little girl, that's wonderful, bet you and Tom can't wait to hold her in your arms. June will soon come around and then you will be three. :) x x x x x x