Monday, November 28, 2011

A trip to the Bluff in devonport.......

 This week Tom and i met his family in Ulverstone and decided to take a trip to The Bluff in Devonport as it was such a nice sunny day, and Tom's nephew loves the park.
    It's not pictured here but they have new undercover play equipment for children that we were so impressed with, these lovely big sails are what keeps the children shaded, they also look so effective too.
      I couldn't resist a picture of the beach there, its so pristine, and they also have a lovely new restaurant set on the beach called "Drift" which we are planning to get back to sometime soon, Tom's brother was telling us that they do wonderful gourmet hamburgers there, and as I'm craving hamburgers I'm keen to try them out ...

            here are the very special Xmas baby announcement cards that I had made by an artist in America off Etsy, she is so talented and I couldn't be happier with our nest family cards..

I thought I would add a couple of baby items, even though we don't know what we are having yet I have a big feeling it's a boy, so just incase I purchased this "Mr perfect" bib, its a theme with Tom and I as I have always bought him mr perfect items and he has always bought me little miss sunshine, they had the little miss bibs also so I think I will have to purchase them just incase...

             Here is a lovely new "Doggy" that Allana from HighMaintenanceHippy made and I ordered from her Etsy shop, I am so pleased with it and it is going into a nursery later on......

           I can never resist a photo of my cat, she is just so cute, and happy at mealtimes!

                     I bought these beads yesterday when we went for lunch with Tom's mum and brother and nephew, they are from the cafe "Deli Central" in ulverstone, its such a great little cafe I had a gourmet vegetarian sandwhich there....

       here is another new purchase which I know will be very roomy, its my "Wayne Cooper" baby doll dress,it looks like it's going to be so comfy.


  1. The bluff is a lovely spot Kate, takes me back years ago when you were little we used to go and have fish and chips there and you both had a play. :)

  2. Love your new clothes and necklace Kate and Deli Central is my Favourite cafe in Ulvie :)
    We haven't been to The Bluff since they did all the work, must go during Summer.
    Love the Chrissie cards too, very sweet :) x
    PS. Thanks for the mention xxx

  3. Hi Kate! Your baby announcements and your kitty are so adorable! :-)

  4. Hi Kate
    Lovely post.
    Hope your feeling well. Looking forward to catching up soon