Friday, November 18, 2011

Afternoon catch up with a friend, plus my recipe............

Today I had a lovely afternoon sitting outside with my good friend Allana (HighMaintenanceHippy), little Ella also came for a visit and loved all of mum's daycare toys and play equipment!

       Allana gave me the most beautiful present, its an apron with the words "mother" embroidered on it!!

Here is the site with the creator of the aprons,  Allana also said that they always like to include a clip in the pockets! How sweet

Just before Allana arrived it was in good timing that i had just whipped up some chocolate chip cookies!
Also as a pressie Allana gave me a copy of "Real Living" Magazine, yiiippee!! I'll sure have some good reading tonite!!

                       I thought I would include the adapted recipe I found for chocolate chip cookies

                                            Kate's adapted chocolate chip cookie recipe
150 g butter
3/4 cup white sugar
1 egg
1 cup choc chips
Vanilla essence
1 1/2 cups S.R Flour

                                1. Cream butter and sugar
                                2. Add the egg and a splash of vanilla essence
                                3. Fold in flour & choc chips
                                4. Roll the mixture into balls and place on lined tray
                                5. Faltten the balls with a fork
                                6. Cook for approx 10 - 15 min's I did this on 180 degrees celsius. It depends on your oven, just watch till slightly golden brown :)

                               Enjoy, I like to with a glass of milk!!


  1. I've been re-reading my copy of Real Living over and over again since I bought it last week - it's a great edition! :)

  2. Yeah I can't put it down, it sure has some great ideas in it!!

  3. It was so lovely to see you Kate and your bikkies were delish! Thankyou for a lovely afternoon :) xx

  4. That apron is such a lovely gift, Kate! And your cookies look delicious! Sounds like a wonderful afternoon! :-)

  5. Lovely to arrive home to home made bikkies, thanks Kate :) p.s. love that apron

  6. Thanks for all your comments ladies ;)