Wednesday, November 16, 2011

busy few days.......

        I thought I would give the crochet carrots a go, I am planning to make more of these to sit in a basket with an organic Peter Rabbit toy that I want to order from England....

 Have been doing lots of Internet browsing for patterns, and checking wonderful blogs........

  I treated myself to my favourite magazine, "Molly Makes" they have so many beautiful crafty things to look at, it's a great English magazine.

              One of mum's little Daycare children helped me to cook a Meusli Slice which I got the recipe off Retro Mummy's blog...

      I also received a parcel from The Nook, Bek wrapped it up so beautifully as she knew this was going to be a Xmas pressie for someone in my family.......

      Bek also included this gorgeous bookmark which is made by the wonderful
Ruby Victoria Letterpress & Printmaking, check out the blog link here,

  Here is my latest project, to both sell and put it a Nursery for myself, it's a little Owl. I made it with locally handspun sheep's wool and alpaca wool. I am going to make familys of them to sell in sets.  They have safety eyes, which means they are completely safe for little ones, supervised as always of course with anything you buy for little ones.

    I thought I would be resourceful with my budget this week and recycle the stuffing of an old cushion that has had its day!

               The Owl perched itself in a tree next to a ladybug on a leaf!.........


  1. Cute owl, Kate! Little families of owls--what a cute idea! :-)

  2. Hi,
    I'm in love! those little owls are too cute! You are so talented Kate!
    have a fun week!

  3. Had never heard of the magazine Molly Makes, will have to check it out. And lovely inspiration for my gift wrapping this year!