Tuesday, November 22, 2011

family of owls done......

    This week I completed an order of a family of Owls for NookHobart store...............

     I received this parcel from Bek at the store, she wrapped it so sweetly too, arn't the owls the cutest!!

         The Bambini Organic onesie that was inside the parcel, of course it's none other than Peter Rabbit!!!

               I got another lovely parcel off Moira over at her blog, "Cute Toys Rule"!! always love reading Moggys letters too.
   I did do more baking, these are cheese muffins, made with Ashgrove Farm Cheese............

                  Had more little basket orders to fill..............

              And rceived these in that parcel off Bek at NookHobart, it's a gorgeous zine magazine "Bespoke" you should type it up in google and check it out as it's an Australian zine and full of so many handmade goodies!!! I am in for some good reading this afternoon when I finish my basket order......

                                  Till next Blog


  1. The owl family is very cute and I love the string basket.

  2. Wow Kate those owls are very cute, it is a lovely blog :)

  3. I love your little family of owls, Kate! Fun to see what you've been up to! Busy, busy! When do we get to see a photo of you with your precious baby bump? :-)