Friday, November 4, 2011

N.Z chocolate birthday cake...

Because it was such a beautiful sunny day today, I thought I would walk to the shop in the sunshine and get some ingredients to make a "New Zealand Chocolate cake" for mum's birthday tomorrow, especially as New Zealand is her favourite place to holiday with dad........

 (  I came across the recipe in my Grandmas cookbook that she handed down to us, I had never come across the N.Z. chocolate cake in there before......)

                     The cake is made up of raspberry jam and cocoa mixed with boiling water which I havn't used in a chocolate cake before, it does smell good though.....

         All coated with icing sugar, and ready to cut..........

                          Happy Birthday Mum!
                                                                     Kate xxx


  1. That looks delicious! Wow thats a good idea to use raspberry jam in the cake! :) It's decorated beautifully too

  2. Thanks Kate- it was so delicious. Mum was always collecting recipes, and the jam made it so moist, what a clever idea. And yes you are right N.Z. is my favourite place of all for visiting. Roll on next February so we can go back again. xx :)

  3. The cake looks scrumptious Kate! Mmmmm mmmmm!