Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beginning to feel like Xmas....

Today I have had a fun morning of Xmas shopping, it's so nice being in the shops around others shopping and all those lovely Xmas ornaments...

 Where would Xmas be without twine to wrap some pressies......

   I thought I'd add in a new crochet top I got at Cotton On, I'm finding at the moment gaining a bump I love the baggy roomy feel of their clothing! it's all about comfort.

   I was lucky to receive another order from the lovely Bek from The Nook in Hobart, this basket finished as a large type nesting bowl that Bek said she could use on the table for fruit, which I think is a great use for a table basket, I'm planning on purchasing some plastic fruit from spotlight to place some fruit in one to get a nice phootograph.

     Here are some hand towels that I bought to use to attach crochet edgings onto, this is going to be  handmade Xmas pressies for loved ones.....

     Here is the finished result (once I'd conned mum into sewing them on!) the edging sits about 1/3 of the way up the handtowel.....

     A good good friend of mums and mine, Dendra whipped up this beautiful newborn baby jacket for me in no time, what a lovely baby present don't you think? to be handmade and knitted is a gift from the heart
Here is a Capsicum plant that Tom and I bought together at the Nursery a couple of months back and it sure is coming along in our front porch where our mini greenhouse sits, Tom was telling me that it's flowering as well, which must be a good sign.....

            Some of our Avocado plants.........
            Some parsley too....

                     I'm off to make some more mini baskets, I have been meaning to write on a load more blogs with comments recently, so am planning to visit you all on your blogs this weekend and see what is happening in your neck of the woods, I noticed Val and Chrisartist have put their gardens on there so I am off to check these interesting blogs out, and am awaiting Moira at Cute toys rule latest blog update on her lovely garden.

                                Kate (and lil baby bump!)


  1. Hi Kate
    Congrats on the great news !!
    Gosh you are super organized re presents!!
    I do have a stash of gifts I gather up though and look forward to string and wrapping. I love the hand made idea.

  2. OOH the pressies look good, any for me? ha,I promise I won't peek. Wish I was as organised. :)

  3. Congrats on the baby how exciting! I'm still ignoring xmas for now ha ha.

  4. I love christmas shopping but I also love making presents like you, love your towels :) I have made some myself with ribbons and pompom trims.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Yay Christmas is getting nearer :) The presents look beautiful, and I love the purple top its a gorgeous colour!

    Your plants are lovely and green very healthy looking! x

  6. Thanks for the update, Kate! It is so great to hear from the two of you! :-)