Friday, November 4, 2011

Baby items....

I have found out that I'm having a baby, my very first!  So I thought I would post some baby crochet patterns that I think ill purchase to make, enjoy....

            Baby Rings Pattern (crochet)

Crochet doll amigurumi PDF pattern - Peter Rabbit Couple
I just love these little peter rabbit crochet patterns......



  1. Congratulations!! Have a happy pregnancy and a safe delivery and lots n lots of happy crocheting!

  2. Exciting news about your baby! Congratulation. The crochet toys look great.

  3. Omg the rabbits are so sweet! What a lovely idea - bub is going to very spoilt! xxx :)

  4. Congratulations again Kate! You're going to make a darling mom! The patterns are really cute! :-)