Monday, November 14, 2011

blog full of good food and orders filled.........

I thought I would start off my blog with a link to a great new blog I came across from the world of twitter. I have met some great new crafty girls through the world of twitter, and even have received a few orders through it too, it's always great to meet new crafty girls.
This link will take you to a blog where Joan gives us a look at her life with her crafting projects and her gorgeous baby "Porter" I love this site for both these reasons.
Check out her link below, I am sure you will like it
Expecting The Unknown

              I received an order for the crochet choker above, it's made with crochet cotton

      Some baskets that were ordered, the children's musical instruments made good props....

           here is the basket order all done up to post off............

             This beautiful jar was a present off my aunty last week, I adore it as it has a hole in the top which functions to thread the twine through to attach to all the sweet labels inside........

           The french writing on it also makes a sweet effect...........

              Look at all the cute little tags................

           Have been doing lots of homemade cooking this week....

     Here is a new recipe from a friend, it's a peanut butter chocolate fudge slice, was so delicious....

                     Have been having lots of freshly made strawberry smoothies

         Peter Rabbit cards I have been making as thankyou cards for all the lovely baby presents I have rececied already!! If you remember my last  blog with the sweet handknitted baby jacket, I made a Jemima Puddleduck card especially for the dear friend who whipped up the baby jacket.


  1. Very cute blog Kate, and the cooking looks scrummy, nothing like home made. I love the cards - very good idea :) x

  2. Thoses baked treats look delish, I need to get in the kitch asap. What a gorgeous jar a lovely present.

  3. You have been so busy Kate! I'm so proud of you for getting orders and stocking at The nook too - well done xxx

  4. A lovely post Kate.
    So glad you like the little jar of labels.

  5. Wow those scones look sooo good! You have been busy in the kitchen- The peanut butter fudge looks yum too!
    That jar is beautiful, I think Peter Rabbit is so adorable too!
    The choker is a great idea! x

  6. Wow! You're doing so much! Congrats on all the business you've had and on all of your lovely presents. You mentioned the cute kawaii Hello Kitty draw. You're not in it, if you wanted to be (if not, no worries--not everyone likes Hello kitty ;-)). Here's the actual link to the draw, if you do: You have until Friday, November 18!