Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Spring Linen

               My all time favourite thing in spring is fresh washing on the line!

              Our lemon tree that I thought I'd go down and get some lemons for a cake I made this arvo

                                                                     Some flowers in Tom's garden

  This dress I have came back out of the cupboard this spring, I just love the material and it fits so so well

      One of my latest creations, a crochet bow necklace complete with deer leather chord and beads

                                                               Some more crochet creations


  1. I just put new linen on my bed. No more boring Winter sheets hello vintage! I love the yellow flower case and that dress!

    E :)

  2. Hi Kate! Springtime! What a magical time of year! I love the images of the linens drying on the line. They smell so fresh after hanging there to dry. Thanks for the lovely pick-me-up! :-)