Sunday, September 11, 2011

An enjoyable weekend.............

                We had an enjoyable afternoon at the local nursery, my all time favourite is scones...

                       Tommy had nachos, which I did help him eat!

       A walk around the nursery, Tom helped me to pick out a capsicum plant, the first of my very own grown foods, he said it will be my turn to water and look after it, I am very keen to buy some more soon such as strawberries, chilli, we have purchased a greenhouse and will be buying a couple more soon as when we have the room we are going to be growing loads of plants, he said we should have a greenhouse each, tom knows so much about plants and I have never been interested before in them, but think I should take the time to learn over the spring/ summer as it sure is a great way to get involved with cooking when you grow your own ingredients.

                 We made a friend at the nursery, he spoke and said "gudday cobber!"
                       I'll leave you with a pillow I admired in the latest Frankie magazine.......


  1. Those scones look so yummy, Kate! Can't wait to hear what you think about growing your own food. Sounds like a really nice weekend! :-)

  2. Hey jen,
    they sure were yummy! I'm so excited to start a garden very soon, till then the pots will sit in our little sun room!
    I can't wait to show the capsicum as it grows!
    Looking forward to seeing your next post :)
    Kate :)

  3. Looks like a lovely outing Kate! The garden sounds great, a wonderful thing to look forward to together :)
    Ps. that cushion is gorgeous :)

  4. Hey allana,
    thanks! Yeah I think there is nothing better than growing your own produce! Like your little garden I've always admired :)
    gotta love Frankie mag with all the goodies in it, your mums cushion on facebook looked very pretty xxx

  5. Those scones look delicious! I must finish reading Frankie that cushion is gorgeous.

    E :)