Saturday, September 3, 2011

A peek at my retro clothing finds..........

     I have a new clothes model, she will come in perfect for all my vintage finds! Here she is modelling a vest I found at a local oppie and underneath is an Alannah Hill top that I came across at a local oppie too!!! I couldn't believe my eyes finding AH I couldn't speak! Also the scarf is a beautiful vintage find too....

                    A gorgeous Diana Ferrari leather bag and cute purse that has so many compartments, I just love the tapestry of the purse........

               Here is the Country Road dress I came across and me off for some shopping with my fabulous thrift finds, you can probably just see the crochet necklace that will be a new range of mine, the crochet bib hangs from dainty fine leather deer straps, a new range of mine and I must say very classy indeed, will soon be starring in my etsy store if any of you girls are interested....

           I call this the retro corner in my room, so many great finds

               The Tommy and Kate shoes I found brand new at a local oppie too (happens to be perfect as my partner is Tommy and I am Kate!)

                 The beautiful Alannah Hill top I came across from local oppie that is brand new!!!!! it fits me perfect too!

         I thought I'd show you just some of my retro belt finds, I have an addiction for belts!!

               My "elk" necklace and "Union Jack" necklace, I am going top pop into a local cafe and gift shop as they have new summer elk range!!!!

                       Here is a close up of my new Owl brooch from the local farmer's market, I have already made a few friends down there and am convinced to have a stall after our local show has been on there first. I have to say that I think Farmer's Markets are the true markets, I had a conversation with a few ladies not too long ago who gave me such negative feedback on my local farmer's market and I have to say that I found when I went down there yesterday I loved it and found it was flourishing with locals buying stuff. It shows not to listen to other people sometimes, especially these new age market snobs!!!

                                                                 Till next post


  1. I'm loving the look of retro corner!

  2. Great finds and I love that retro corner! That owl is the cutest luckily you didn't take those ladies advice!

    E :)

  3. I love the model. A great way to show off your finds. I love that cute owl too.

  4. Hi Kate! I love your finds, especially the owl brooch! Your Etsy shop is looking so good too! You're selling a really nice variety of things--and so pretty!

  5. I love your cute owl brooch, and you are so lucky to find an Alannah Hill top! :)

    The Cat Hag
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