Thursday, October 13, 2011

Latest makings

This large basket was an order for The Nook in North Hobart, I was very happy to have received the order for Bek's lovely store down there...
Orders have been flowing for the small baskets too, which I'm very happy with

My latest range is in these 100% cotton twine candle jar covers....

This is how they look at nite all lit up, you simply place a tea candle inside the 500g cottees jam jar and you have the very pretty effect.More
These lovely little 100% cotton stars  I am making for christmas orders

               I have been making the little twine baskets for christmas orders complete with raffia


  1. you are rocking it in Kate !
    Its amazing how over such a short time you have reached you goal of having a crocheting business :)
    You go girl ;)

  2. Hey lee,
    thanks so much for your kind words, and your order, it's good to have a few orders!
    I popped over to your Christmas blog the Xmas trees are lovely and your little decorations too ;) looks like you had some good helpers too!
    Looks like there's some good workshops up your way I love the look of the felting one!
    Kate xx

  3. They look amazing! You must be working those hands of yours hard.

  4. Wow, Kate! Everything looks so amazing! Looks like you've been so busy with all of your orders. Congratulations! :-)

  5. Lovely work Kate, I will get in line for a few baskets :)

  6. These are just lovely.
    Well done, you!