Monday, August 1, 2011

Vintage goodies..........

   To my surprise today I came across this Vintage brass train shelf........

             Home I drove and did some research straight away! I found out that it has the initials New South Wales Rail on it too!! I did not realise this until I read the website and then looked on the side of it! I felt like I was on the show Bargain Hunt!

             Just look at this little beauty, I plan to put it in a bathroom with fresh crisp white towels on it when Tom and I move in together..eventually!

                 All aboard!!
                        Also the great pattern that I purchased off Etsy made it possible for me to make these crochet ballet slippers, I created the 2 toned look as I think it is very effective don't you :) If anyone is interested in a pair for their tootsies in this cold weather I do custom orders and colours.....

                                                     I plan to uncover more bargains this week, see you soon hopefully with some more vintage finds!!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS! Kate I have been dreaming of one of these lately and you found an original - well done!! Where on earth did you find it?
    Love the slippers too, just what we need in winter to keep our toes warm at home :)

  2. Hey allana, yes it sure is a beauty isn't it! It was from the salvos in burnie! One of my fav shops lately I must admit!
    Have you found any bargains lately? We must do an op shop together soon and uncover some more treasures!
    Yes thank goodness for etsy patterns and those slippers!

  3. I love those racks Kate. Lucky you!!
    Love the slippers.

  4. What a great find, Kate! It's absolutely gorgeous. And the history makes it even more fun! Your slippers are coming along smashingly. You've even modified the original design--you go, girl!