Friday, July 29, 2011

comfy slipper made............

I decided to browse around on Etsy again and found a pattern for sale for these beautiful ballet slippers

                    So I decided to buy it and sit down and have a go at them!

                                Here is my finished product! don't mind the daggy socks as these are Toms!! The sweet little rose button came in handy as I have had them ages. Now I just have to sit down and make the other matching one!!

Also I made these lovely little Babushka crochet dolls with the pattern also bought off Etsy, I added the felt stitched faces myself. I think they will look very sweet all lined up in a row in many many different colours. I can't wait to show you the other 2 I made that are drying at the moment as I felted

them in the washing machine

Yay my pegs with twine arrived in the mail!! I cna't get over the fast delivery of orders on Etsy. These came from the lovely Rosie from Notions.

                 Also I bought a pattern to make this gorgeous little Elf Hat, my nephew will be the first to try it out when it is made :)

                                          This pic is of me wearing my Babushka pinny!


  1. Goodness Kate! I am having trouble keeping up with all of your op shop finds, your Etsy pattern purchases, and your latest creations! Everything is just lovely. The ballerina slippers are so pretty and feminine. Got your message--finally!!! ;-) Send me an email, and we can exchange addresses. You know I'd love to find some things for you. :-)

  2. Oh wow Kate you have been busy, love the slippers - don't forget me! and you know how I love those little babushka dolls, hope one comes my way! great blogging x

  3. You have been a very busy bee - I especially love the ballet slippers which reminds me to start making slippers/house shoes for my family to send to Germany for Christmas.

    Have a lovely day and enjoy your week :-)