Friday, August 5, 2011

lots of vintage finds and moving furniture around..............

            Before you are horrified about the photo above there is good was tidied up as soon as I got home from the op shop. This dresser was so filthy when I bought it, I got it home and washed it, the water ended up being black in the bucket when I had finished.

                          It even came with cobwebs and ugly crushed velvet material lining the side cupboard!! I soon got to work ripping the ugly velvet out and scrubbing  the stickers off the walls of the cupboard

                              Ta...da, after a good polish I managed to get it shining more, I decided to leave the side cupboard door off and got mum to work whipping up a little curtain to pin over it instead, behind the lovely little curtain sit some shoes and hairdryer and all goodies that us girls love........   
   I must say for a mere $10 I am very chuffed with myself for finding such a bargain, I do have to admit that my love of furniture is growing very quickly.....   

                   Here is all my lovely goodies sitting on the dresser, and to the left is the new curtain, I must say that mum did a very good job with the shabby chic instructions she was given as a must for a curtain.

                  A little close up of the curtain and my favourite little statue at the moment

                Somebody became a fan of my new cross-stitch magazine I bought today, it's such a cute mag as it came with a free fox cross stitch kit to do........

              Look at this little beauty typewriter in case that was just sitting hidden at the op shop.......

When I got it home and looked inside I found in mint condition the manual and cleaning tools! Also sitting in there was some paperwork from the peoples woodturning business, was typed up so many years ago and was detailing the timber they used to turn the wood and all the account information. Was such a fascinating read and was like stepping back in time :)

This weekend I plan to cross-stitch many sweet little projects


  1. Fun finds, Kate! I had to clean my latest dollhouse purchase a bunch, too, but as you know, it's worth it! I can't wait to see your cross stitch fox! I bet he'll be cute. I'm working on a fox character for my stories right now! Shh! It's a secret! ;-)

  2. Good work Kate.
    Im on the lookout for a cupboard for the shack. Havnt found the right one but ever hopeful. I'm going to distress it.
    Love the typewriter. A blast from the past. I wanted a portable.
    Back in my day, if you couldn't afford something you just didn't get it!!!
    Cheers Kate

  3. Thanks chris and Jennifer for your comments!
    I thought you would love the type writer aunty chris and it would remind you of when you were younger. Keep me posted on what cupboard you find for the shack maybe u could even blog it!
    Jennifer I can't wait to see your top secret fox! Great minds must think alike!
    Kate xx

  4. Hi Kate, you have done a great job on your cubboard, love the lovely rich colour and the curtain your mum made just sets it off beautifully.
    The little typewriter is really cute, I remember trying to learn to type on one of these manual typewriter, but I gave up after a while as I kept making too many mistakes. LOL E x x x