Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spring Bunting find................

                     An oppie find that made me all excited about spring! I cannot wait to turn it into a spring bunting and hang it in my home :)

                   Some other oppie finds this week

              Isn't this little squirrel find just the sweetest!

And girls here is a fantastic vintage top find that looked fabulous on Saturday nite, I think there is nothing better than dressing up in vintage finds, my partner loved it on and said it looked so sparkly and dressy

I just love the baby doll look of the top too
Saturday nite, the blue glass beads worn are also vintage and belonged to my grandmother they came out from England

                   If anyone knows anything about the label I'd be happy to know, or maybe you girls also have some of this label too???

         Some of you may remember this cat shown beofre, well I thought I'd show you the stamp on the bottom from 1961 I researched and these are collector's items, they are salt shakers and also the lid that you see on the bottom opens and reveals one of those shakers that make noises like in those old dolls, it doesn't make a noise anymore but how cool that they used to to resemble a real cat!! how vintage

                     A little plate was another find so good to have room for bikkies and cake while crafting :)
                    I thought I'd show my latest project some "Tapestry crochet" I just love the effect of its pattern, can get a little tricky where you have to carry each colour through the pattern but the effect is well worth it. this is going to be a tote bag will have pockets and a flap too :)

                     I am hooking upn with "her Library Adventures Flea market finds for this post too, this features every sunday you should check it out, I was a little slow linking up but still got to luckily!
                                                                      Till next post
                                                             Happy Crafting  xxx


  1. Fabulous finds Kate - and that crochet pattern on your tote bag looks amazing - you are so creative :)

  2. What lovely finds! Loving the squirrel and the 70's fabric, fab stuff! x

  3. The squirrel is the cutest and that fabric is fabulous!

    E :)

  4. What can I say? I love all of your finds! Of course, kitty and squirrel are favs, don't you figure?! ;-)