Tuesday, August 23, 2011

a find of the doiley kind....

                                       Here is an oppie find, a tray that is made in Hong Kong with 2 glass plates which you can take off and put anything in between to look at, but for now I am happy with the doiley.
               Put it to good use straight away and have all my favourite jewelery on it

                 Here is a close up of an Elizabeth Arden bag that I found, isn't it retro

                              I also found the tapestry purse on the right, and the glasses case on the left belonged to my gma it was one of her favourite cases, I have crochet hooks in it for now

                Todays purchases from Nest- a cute little retro hanky, I will get mum to work to turn it into a little bag maybe or cushion perhaps

                        My latest creations for my Etsy store are these 100% cotton facewashers which are so soft and scrummy, some will come with Cath Kidston soaps, maybe buy them for yourself or a friend

               Many more colours are to come and also am working on 100% cotton makeup removers to match the facewashers, let me know if anyone wants an order or custom one made

                        also these little cotton and bamboo purses will be a new addition to the Etsy store also


  1. Love those washers kate, think someone who is off overseas might like one to take with her. x

  2. Some gorgeous buys this week. I love the tray and your grandma's glasses case and that purse so cute!

    E :)

  3. Hi Kate! I love your Katey Craft tags on your items--they look so professional! Your finds are fantastic, as always! And you've got new products in your shop all the time. You go, girl! :-)