Wednesday, August 10, 2011

retro-esque week!!

                        Here is a very retro cushion that my mum made up for me! I did the funky 50's glasses in cross-stitch from a pattern on Etsy, I have my eye on a 50s red telephone cross-stitch next to go with an item I want to buy form an antique store it's a red dial telephone, I think I will get it next pay!

                                    What a retro cushion.............

                           Next this $2 dress took my fancy, brand new looks as though it has never been worn!!

                            I fell in love with the little heart buttons, it reminds me of Alannah Hill.........

               Look at this Retro lampshade for free, YES FREE, the lady at the op shop gave it to me!!

                 Yes it sits on that new dresser it really suits the retro theme...........

                          This little Owl was another oppie find and the lady said if she had seen it he wouldn't have still been sitting there! she said how do I find all these goodies as she worked there and hadn't seen any of them! I suppose some of us have the op shop knack!! I am going to use him as a hair straightener stand as you know how hot hair straighteners can get!

                 While blogging I have a little tea out of my bessemer cup (yes another oppie find!) I have a feeling my Aunty chris who will see this blog will also love this cup, she has a beautiful retro picnic set and is always on the lookout for bessemer goodies too! Aunty chris I have seen some pretty little bessemer saucers if you are interested?? just let me know and I can get them for your picnic set, they are pretty little flower ones and there is heaps of them there.
                  I fell in love with this little beauty, she is a "royal Grafton, bone china made in England"

                    Inside sits my Grandmas Locket that she left to my mum, it's the most prettiest locket ever.
                   And lastly I shall go and read my Country Style Magazines for some more inspiration and perhaps even some more op shopping in this lovely weather.

                                                     Till next post happy Op shopping
                                                                and crafting girls


  1. What a lovely blog Kate, and the locket sitting in the cup is so pretty. That locket was so special to Grandma, and her photo is sitting inside it, so she will always be with us. xx

  2. Free!! Thats unheard of...nice work!!
    I adore the buttons too.

  3. Love your retro cushion! Really nice! And another great find Kate! All stuff you found look so vintage and charming! The retro lampshade is so lovely, lucky you! The heart button on that red is really cute, and that dress looks great on you! Happy post!
    Have a happy day and happy shopping!!! :) xo

  4. Goodness, Kate! You have been so busy, and you've found so many cute things! I love all of it! You look so pretty in your new dress. And a free lampshade? It's adorable! Maybe you could do a second shop on Etsy--one for vintage goodies!

  5. Such cool finds! Love the cushion and that lampshape for free is pretty stinkin awesome!

    E :)

  6. I have the exact same owl trivet!

    The Joyful Thrifter