Thursday, August 25, 2011

A home for my frankie mags

Today a friend of my mums asked me if I would like this little phone table that was sitting in their garage, I said I would love it so here it is in my home with all my Frankie magazines sitting on it, I didn't realise how much my collection had grown..............
             If you can see the gorgeous little baby boy in one of the frames its my nephew Memphis

                    There was even time today to finish off some more cotton washers and get them into my shop on Etsy
                        Here are some nesting bowls I purchased that I plan to make as Xmas pressies for my nephews
                                        One of my latest items to go into the Etsy store, so snug and soft being all cotton, next I plan to make some children's washers all done up with rubber duckies as a pack and children's ribbon...........

                                                             Till next post


  1. Hi Kate
    Are the nesting bowls stiffened? Just wondering how the children manipulate them? Really nice post Kate. Love the pink.

  2. Hi Kate! That fuschia cotton washer is to die for--absolutely beautiful! :-)