Monday, August 29, 2011

goings on......

 Off we set to Tasmazia on the weekend, this is in Sheffield Tasmania.
 It is known as the "World's largest maze complex", and boy it was big.
There was "the Irish Maze, we both were really interested in this one with our irish ancestor history and surnames O'Brien and Omalley!
 We had to seek out humpty Dumptys wall in one and the three bears and goldilocks in a cute little cottage! was sure a day of fun!

              they sure do the most beautiful upkeep on the Mazes

            I just had to show you the mini tearooms in the mini land

               The thrift shop I just couldn't resist showing you in mini version

               After a beautiful lunch at the Pancake Parlour we had our day topped off with a rainbow so Tom quickly pulled the car over and I jumped out to catch a pic!!

                  A pressie in organic eco cotton all ready for my nephew

          Here is some new gorgeous crochet cotton in 100% bamboo ready for a market stall of washers
             Some new products to hit my Etsy store and market stall, pure cotton mug cosys, will be plenty more to come in many colours

                                          Till next Blog


  1. I've never been in a proper maze! I love the mini thrift shop so cute!

    E :)

  2. The maze looks fabulous and the mini shops are cute. Love the yarns.

  3. Hi Kate! The mini tea rooms and thrift shop are darling! I love the fibers you are working with--they look and feel so good! Cute stuff! Thanks for sharing your adventures!