Friday, July 1, 2011

weekend happenings....

                Here is my latest knitting project that I finished in time to wear down to the local Farmer's Market this morning on my fresh morning walk with mum, the brooch belonged to my Grandmother's Auntys, so it came out from England many years ago
                Here is some more knitting, this is a scarf that my mother-in-law taught me to knit, it is in beautiful soybean wool, so soft and fine is this scarf

               I couldn't resist this photo of my baby girl "Ruby" isn't she the cutest, she is so good for her mummy (me!) and is often around to watch much crocheting and knitting!!

                   Tom bought me the Coco Chanel movie this afternoon at the shops, so we are going to watch it this evening. From a short read on the back of the DVD she grows up in an orphanage and must work hard to make it famous, love stories like this!

                 Happy Weekend...


  1. Love the scarf abd brooch Kate, it really suits it. Also the soy bean wool, the movie sounds good, I might have to borrow it. :)

  2. Hi Kate
    I was reading about Coco Chanel recently. It's an amazing story.
    I love the story of her fragrance design. Chanel 5 is still my absolute fav.
    Lve your scarf. And the brooch, havnt seen this one before. Lovely.
    Chris x

  3. Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, Kate. I always love hearing from you. Your dog is so precious. How lucky you are to have such a loyal friend! Love the scarf and vintage brooch. I'll have to check out the movie--it really does sound like a good story!

  4. Thanks for your comments as always guys :)
    Funny you say about the coco Chanel fragrance aunty chris as I was sampling them in a pharmacy recently, I want to purchase the coco Chanel chance fragrance very soon, even though it's expensive I think u can't beat a good perfume.
    Thanks Jennifer I love it when you visit my blog too :)
    Ill soon be updating with another blog full of projects soon :)

  5. Hi Kate,

    Is this Ruby you had when we were over 12 years ago,? she is still a beauty !!

    Love the brooch of the African head on your scarf, I have a carved African head which I will post next, carved by native Africans.

    I love perfume, but unfortunately I have become allergic to it over the years and can't wear it now, even other people's perfume sets me off.

    Hope you get your Coco Chanel soon though!!

    Love Eileen x