Sunday, July 3, 2011

weekend happenings II

It sure has been a great weekend with scrummy food and craft

             Homemade pizza on Lebanese Pita Bread, and lots of yummy toppings like shaved chicken,cheese, mushrooms, homegrown parsley and basil, Tom is so good with the homegrown toppings :)   (tom's hands are pictured here making the pizzas!, he is such a good cook and is also making us soufles for tea tonite.

                         Below is an embroidery of the Union Jack that I am working on for my mother-in-law as a gift, I am stitching it onto an op shop doiley. I think it will look so sweet in her home, and because Tom's family came out here from England it will be very special to her
                And below is the sweetest little sewing kit that arrived on my doorstep after I ordered it from the gorgeous Lark shop in Daylesford.
                  The sewing kit is so handy in a little tin that I carry it in my handbag at all times!!!


  1. Lovely post Kate.
    Scrummy pizza!!
    Love the embroidery and the sewing tin.
    I've put a sewing tin together at the shack using a vintage tin from recycled relix.
    Have a great week.

  2. Oh yum the pizza looks great, and the Union Jack is so cute, looks like you have been busy. Lovely to have craft on a wet weekend. :)

  3. Thanks ladies, aunty chris you should blog your sewing tin as I would love to see it!

  4. Hi Kate, Looks like Tom is a keeper with his yummy pizza skills! That's what my grandmother said when she met my husband, then boyfriend: "Looks like he's a keeper!" We always laugh about that, but she had a good intuition that he was Mr. Right! I'm hungry for pizza now, so off I go to eat breakfast! ;-)

  5. Lark have some lovely little things.

  6. Hi Kate, seeing that scrummy pizza that Tom made, has made me think I will have to try making my own, I buy them from the shop, but they are never as good as home made ones.
    Your little sewing tin is cute.
    I'm sure your Mum-in-law will love the Union Jack, it will be a litte keep sake from you forever, an antique of the future!!!
    Love Eileen x x x