Wednesday, July 20, 2011

oppie finds and cross stitch galore............

I found this frame today as an oppie find and had done this cross-stitch on the weekend I created my own pattern!   Don't you just love the "Union Jack".

                       Here are my cards that I have created!!! I am pretty proud of them .....

Look at this Shakespeare book that I found at the local RSPCA, isn't it just the sweetest book......

                         Just look at the spine of the book too, it's in such good condition............

I have sure been busy with my rekindled love of cross-stitch!!! I am just loving how you can create so many adorable pieces with the craft :)
                      The pieces below will feature in my Etsy store :)

                      Below is my latest Friendship ring off Tom, it's a Claddagh Ring which is an Irish Tradition in Tom's family, I just love it, the hands hold the heart, the inside reads " Love, Loyaylty, friendship"

                Below is our Willow statue that represents "together", I thought it would make a lovely new addition to our home :)
Here Tommy is holding the statue



  1. Gorgeous Kate.
    Your cross stitch is lovely
    Love the ring!!

  2. Lovely cross stitching Kate, very nice ring and statue. xx

  3. Hi Kate! You know how to find all the good stuff at the thrift stores. :-) Love your new cards. I know it took a lot of searching to find the right paper, and then your cross-stitch looks so lovely on them--nice job! I sent you an email on Etsy but haven't heard anything back from you. Perhaps it got lost. My email is plush (at) Maybe that will work! I miss our chats! :-)