Thursday, July 21, 2011

more crafty pressies.............

Here is my latest cross-stitch which I designed, its a little tea cup with the letters tea stitched underneath, I did it as a pressie for my mother-in-law, I got my mum to sew it onto this cute tea towel that I also scored at an op shop for a real bargain!

                         Tom and I are heading down to Hobart this weekend, I can't wait for his mum to hang it on her stove

                          And below is some country road tea towels that I found underneath a pile of blankets at an op shop today! what a find as they are practically brand new! one is already hanging on my stove :)

I am now working on a special project that is 2 swallow birds with a banner that says "Kate and Tom", I had the pattern custom made on Etsy, I am Etsy mad lately!

Happy crafting, I am hoping to get to Hobart Spotlight for more cross-stitch gear!



  1. Cute tea towel for Mary, bet she will love it. OOh those country road tea towels what a find kate, have fun in Hobart - rug up!:) x

  2. Lovely work and what a great find.
    Thank you so much for our gorgeous card Kate
    Embroidery is such a beautiful craft.
    Paris was the purfect subject!!

  3. Nice finds, and nice present for your mother-in-law, Kate! I know there must be some supplies I could find for you and your projects. Please let me know. Have a great weekend in Hobart.