Wednesday, July 13, 2011

latest op shop finds and embroidery

                         Check out my new little friend who sits on a filing cabinet of mine, I found him at the local Op shop and couldn't believe my eyes as I know these little statues are becoming very popular and I rarely find them anymore, I am so happy with it

            A few other finds that day were the photo frame that is red (I still need to decide on what photo to put in it, I think I'll put one of my nephew from my latest trip down)  The little boy is resting on an Enid Blyton book, the red stationery holder behind the little boy is also a find practically brand new as well, and perfect for craft cards and crochet hooks and goodies

                    Here is a heart quilt that my friend Wendy gave me recently and she didn't want to complete it and thought that I might like to, so I will be handstitching that and I'll keep you posted on its progress :)

              As promised here is the "Union Jack" cloth that my mother-in-law received and absolutely loved and was tickled that I thought of her to make it, she wrote as soon as it arried :) I think it is going straight into her new sitting room that she is currently decorating!

                     I have a few more jobs I'm doing that I wanted to keep you posted on, I've yet to find these craft cards that I can place my embroidery designs into the front of and when I do I'll be posting the picture of the dove wedding card that I'll be posting off to the newly engaged couple.
    Also as soon as I get my hands on these cards I'll  be topping up my Etsy store, so I'll keep you posted............

                     Happy crafting girls xxx


  1. Love that heart quilt Kate, that was nice of wendy to pass it on to you. You did a great job on the little Union Jack, I bet it will look lovely draped over a table. xx

  2. Fun finds Kate! Don't you just love it when you find things you love or can use, at a great price? Quite a thrill! :-)

  3. Lovely finds Kate! Your crafting work is very inspiring! I love the little heart quilt, looks very cute!!!
    Keep enjoying your busy-ness, as it means your business is going well! :)
    Happy day to you too!