Monday, July 25, 2011

new craft workspace at last..........

                I finally got around to organising a desk space as a craft corner!!!! I am so pleased with it and no doubt the desk will have many changes as to what sits on it!!!

                   Look at these beautiful glass jars they were an oppie find yday and are made in Croatia, they now sit on my desk as button jars I am very pleased with my op shop finds lately

                This book is in mint condition and yes it is another of ydays oppie finds!!

                        The book even has cooking recipes in it, one in particular is a recipe for chocolate cake, I will keep you posted as to how the recipe goes!!

                One good thing about being a Red Cross Volunteer is the gorgeous goodies we find, I scored these lovely coat hangers.......
                    A new cardigan topped off my day yday on sale at Target, I thought I would add one of my bird brooches to jazz it up and hang a crochet necklace around it too


  1. It always fun to see other people's creative spaces. Cute sweater!

  2. Great finds Kate.
    Love the cardy

  3. Now those coat hangers remind me of my mum and dad.. just one of the many crafts they dabbled in but ever so handy :))
    the cardie is lovely with the crochet scarf and brooch :))