Sunday, July 24, 2011

hobart finds and vintage buys......

         Look at this gorgeous necklace that I got at The barn Market  in Rosny, it was such a lovely little market where they even had musicians playing live, they were playing the violin and guitar. The necklace I had to have as I am big on the Union Jack at the moment, it was created by a lovely lady who told me she is from Ulverstone, it was great to travel all that way and buy something off someone so close to home :) Feel free to check out her blog at otter and wombat.

                       Here are 2 new cushions that were reduced so much as Target, they remind me of embroidery so much
                           Look at this great find at the Op Shop, such a good beauty case in great condition with the little matching perfume/toiletry bottles in perfect condition, I am going to also research the label on it too
                     Look at the perfume bottles still in it........

                        I decided to girly it up with my bow brooch, isn't it sweet

                        Here it is with all my things in it.......



  1. Wow what a great find Kate, and in such good condition too, how lucky. Love the Union Jack necklace too. :)

  2. Oh wow Kate that beauty case takes me back.
    I had a burgundy one with bottles like yours.
    Love the necklace. The union jack is really nice. I've admired cushions in the city.
    Reminds me of my lovely holidays.
    Chris x

  3. Great treasures Kate! How lovely it would be to have a full set of luggage to take on journeys, very dreamy :)
    Ps. Mail arrived - thankyou so much, will def get together soon! xx

  4. You know Kate, between you and Chris, is it any wonder my Op Shop runs have returned dry !
    What brilliant finds, and that little Union Jack knecklace is brilliant !

  5. I love your new vintage beauty case, Kate! What a fantastic find. Love the way you girled it up with the butterfly brooch too! :-)

  6. I saw one of those beauty cases in the oppie behind Daves noodles yesterday , with the bottles still in it...i didn't get it i bet its still there...