Saturday, July 9, 2011

latest embroidery.............

Here is the latest embroidery that I did for my nephew on this onesie in Australian made organic cotton, I can't wait to post it to him to wear, he will look so adorable in it!

                       Below is another pic of the little "Gnome Embroidery"

            While out shopping with Tom I came across these "I Love Lucy" DVDs, how great do they look, I can't wait to watch them and see all the lovely outfits that Lucy wears, I just love the era she came from
                  And of course I came across and had to have more cross-stitch gear, I'm just loving embroidery at the moment so much as it has become so modern too with all the retro patterns that you can purchase now

I can't wait to sit down to some "I love Lucy and embroider with loads of tea!


  1. Fun, Kate! That embroidered onesy for your nephew is so adorable! And organic cotton too! Got your msg. Email me at plush (at) for a quote if you might be interested in ordering from me direct to save a little. :-) I'm so excited either way! :-)

  2. I know what you mean about old shows. I find myself studying the old costumes, and not noticing much else. Old movies, old tv shows like Greenacres, it's the clothes that get me in. I wonder if it's a craft thing.

  3. The embroidery is adorable kate, Memph will look so cute and it will bring back memories for Amy of David the gnome, the little cartoon she used to love. Great DVD.s have fun watching them and yep you sure do love tea, you would have given your Grandma a good partner for tea drinking :) xx