Friday, July 8, 2011

great time in Hobart................

           Here is my beautiful nephew Memphis, he is wearing Aunty Kate's handmade crochet gloves here, I adore him and miss him already (brings a tear to my eye missing him, but I know I will see him soon again in Hobart).
     I finally got my own copy of Peppermint Magazine in Hobart! it's a great eco magazine with such good articles.
    Here is an Op shop necklace on our awesome op shop down in Moonah, isn't it so vintage and I love the colour, it reminds me of coral in the ocean

     Just look at this awesome vintage car case that I found at the Newtown Salvation Army, honestly it is the most GIANT op shop with the most awesome vintage finds that you could even imagine (my sister also can't believe how posessed I become in op shops!!)

         The inside of the case is practically brand new too!! It has already been turned into a sewing and embroidery case!

                     And then I was spoilt by mum with her buying me Sheridan 400 thread count sheets, they are the most silkiest feeling sheets, Tom and I havn't owned a pair of these yet as we are still getting all our things together to move into new rental very soon.

                       I thought the Cath Kidston soaps would make a nice touch

                      And this afternoon I will finish off the little Union Jack embroidery for my mum in law as I got the blue thread to finish it ( I also did happen to stop and purchase an embroidery magazine which is a little naughty but fun!)


  1. Lovely blog kate, glad the sheets are to your liking! Bet they feel like good quality on :)

  2. Hi Kate! Your nephew is so precious! Your little gloves look so lovely on him! I get possessed in thrift stores too, and now estate sales, where I've been finding treasures at good prices, remarkably. Keep being naughty--fun is good!!!

  3. Great finds Kate, and those sheets look like they are super comfy :)